OMG, where do I sign up?


Okay, if you’re interested in joining a mentorship program with me, all you have to do is shoot me an email and we’ll start from there.

I answer ALL of my emails- so, if you don’t hear from me within three business days, reach out- find me on social media, messenger, my author page- whatever and tell me that you’ve tried to contact me. I am easily available, and everything goes directly through me, not a PA, or hired person.

I know you might be interested if you can afford mentoring, or if it’s even worth it for you to send the email, but I can’t simply put a price on mentorship if I don’t know what you need.

You might simply be looking for someone to walk you through how to publish your first novel- OR, you might want some help in developing your story or being someone of support that is readily available, both of those things will cost something different.

So, reach out and we’ll discuss.

Email me at