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Easter Eggs from Book Three to Prepare You for Book 4

This is strictly for the use of anyone who can not read the pregnancy trope but would like to continue the Stone Riders series. No sharing, screen shots or anything else will be allowed as all this is under copyright law. 


Chapter 5- POV Penelope: Scene- Natty is showing Pen around the Stone Riders clubhouse: 


I followed her through the kitchen into a dimly lit hallway. We passed by an office that boasted of natural light and hanging plants. After a few more doors, we were cutting across the main gathering space, where pool tables, couches and the large flat screen were set up. Natty was right, there were several old timers scattered around a rectangular card table holding cards.

But there, in the center of the room, leaning against the stone mantle was a man who looked like death himself.

His inky black hair fell slightly over to one side, while being cut close on the sides. He had a wide, firm jaw that pulsed as he stared at the woman in front of me. His eyes were a blueish hue but had more white than seemed natural. It was unsettling. He wasn’t wearing a cut, or anything that would have told me where he might be from. 

Natty had stopped walking mid step, her gaze fastened on him.

“Do you know him?” I whispered, nervous at the way she was tensing.

I glanced up again to catch the man’s expression. He only continued to stare at her, that muscle in his jaw jumping.

Natty took one step forward, and I followed.

It brought us closer to the man, which made me nervous until I realized Natty was…blushing.  

She continued toward the stairs, faltering slightly when we were within a few feet of the man.

His eyes seemed to burn as he searched her from head to toe, and then gruffly said, “Ne ingrediaris silvam solum.”

Natty glared up at him. I looked between the two because they were speaking a language that didn’t sound familiar at all to me.

He held out a small, folded note to her. “Promitte mihi.”

Her hand came up, gracefully taking it as she replied in the same perfect accent as he’d used, “Promitto.”

The man’s gaze briefly flicked to me before returning to Natty. He didn’t waste any more time before tucking his hands into his pockets and taking off.

I waited until we’d scaled the stairs, and Natty shut the door to her room before I spun on her.

“Who was that? What language was that?”

Natty hung her jacket, and then gave me a small smile.

“This is my place.” She held her hands out wide. “It gets good lighting, but I’m too afraid to try my hand at keeping any plants beyond succulents.”

I glared at her, raising my brow.

“You’re not getting out of this. Who was that?”

She let out a heavy sigh before falling back onto her bed.

“You can’t say anything to anyone, okay?”

I nodded. “We’re friends now, I’ll keep your secrets. You keep mine.” Hopefully she understood that meant I didn’t want a ton of people to know that I had nearly been run over by my own club.

Natty sat up, wisps of her hair going all over the place. “He’s my friend…the one I told you about.”

My eyes went wide. “That you grew up with?”

She nodded, biting down on her lip.

“He’s…well, we’re…” She let out another sigh. “It’s complicated, but he’s sort of a taboo subject with Callie and especially Laura, so definitely don’t mention that he was here.”

My mind was slowly piecing different little elements together.

“He’s not part of the club?” 

Natty continued to tug on her lip, now spiraling her hair around her finger. “No…he’s not. He’s a Death Raider.”

“A Death Raider?” I sank down on the edge of her bed, fully confused by how he would have been allowed into the clubhouse, and not killed on sight. Unless he was just a prospect, or maybe someone who wasn’t around much. 

“The leader actually. Do you want some water or juice?” Natty jumped up and walked over to her small kitchenette.

I wanted to chase after her, but I had to settle for following her by spinning my legs in her direction. “The leader?”

“That’s as much as I’ve told anyone, Pen. It’s a really dangerous situation…Silas has almost been murdered twice for threatening the club on my behalf. I have no idea how he was in here without being killed.”

“But you were passing notes and speaking another language…”

She shrugged, ducking her head to reach into her small fridge.

“We grew up together. His mother taught us Latin…it’s a dead language, and well Death Raiders dealt in death and deadly things, she thought it would be helpful to learn a dead language we could use as a way to secretly communicate when needed.”

I sat back on my palms, looking up at the green vines twisting along her ceiling with a dopey smile on my face.

“You have a secret love.”

Natty made a noise that sounded defeated. “We have to change the subject. I feel like I’m about to break into hives.”


Chapter 6: POV Jameson: Scene- Killian, Wes and Jamie see Silas in the clubhouse and follow him outside. 


The interaction between Silas and Natty was brief. Silas handed something to Natty and then walked off, and Killian powered through the doors, slightly trailing him. Wes lifted his head, indicating that I should follow them.

I glanced over at Pen, and then trailed the two Stone Riders outside.

Silas was already heading toward his bike. Giles was standing near it.

“Prez, I can explai—” Giles started, but Killian shook his head.

“Shut the fuc—”

“Watch who you’re speaking to…” I snapped at Killian, reminding him that was my blood, and if he wanted to degrade him, he’d not do it in my presence.

Giles gave me a quick nod of appreciation while Killian’s jaw worked. 

Silas turned, inspecting our exchange with a slight raise in his eyebrows. “Told you I’d be stopping in.”

“I assumed you’d have the decency to at least text,” Killian scolded, stopping just a few feet from the Raiders’ bike.

Silas wore a long-sleeved shirt, and slowly slid his jacket with all his patches over his arms.

“Thank you for at least going in without your colors.”

Silas nodded, then dipped his head.

“Natty was out walking this morning…a Chaos King was out there.”

I stepped closer, only to have Silas toss a leather cut at me.

The name sewn into the cut was covered in blood. Sandman.

“Tried going after her.” Silas narrowed his gaze at me before slipping his shades on. The December sun was bright, the air frigid but the sky was clear.

“He dead now?”

Silas nodded then addressed Killian. “She was walking to our meeting spot…told her not to go out there alone anymore.”

Killian nodded, his face reflecting he had about as many questions as I did.

“I’m not going to text you when I come around. But I will be cautious, and I’ll always slip out of my colors out of respect.”

Killian let out a sigh and then nodded.

“Fine. Fuck.”

He shook his head then spun on his heel and walked away.

I stayed put, staring at the Death Raider.

Silas gestured with his head toward the cut. “He was part of the group that defected, right?”

I nodded, still gripping the sullied leather in my palms. This meant Luke and Jefferson had sent men to keep eyes on us, and they were close.

“Sorry Natty was in danger, I’m glad she—”

“Don’t—” Silas cut me off, practically choking on the words. “Don’t say her name.”

I lifted my head, delighted that he’d slipped enough to show his weakness to me.

He had no idea how that had my mind churning with ways to mess with him. If I didn’t have Pen to worry about, I’d push on what was so obviously a painful bruise for him. 

Feigning innocence, I muttered, “I didn’t mean anyth—”

He stepped closer. “Let’s be clear. I allowed you to live after meeting with her because Killian was present, but if you ever talk to her alone, I will kill you. She is not available; she is not open property. She is mine.”

I smiled, unable to help myself.

“From what I’ve observed, Natty seems to belong to herself. In fact, she seems perfectly content here, without you.”

His fingers twitched as if he wanted to throw a punch.

But his lips twisted to the side. “When you can protect yours, you can say shit about mine. But rumor has it, Luke’s old lady is in your care, but your members nearly ran her over. You’re a pathetic leader, Jameson. The king of chaos has toppled from his throne and now he’s relying on the Stone Riders for scraps of safety. Watch who you’re speaking to and stay the fuck away from what’s mine.”

With that, he turned and straddled his bike, keeping that cold glare on me the entire time. With a rev of his engine, he took off, spraying gravel as he went.


Chapter 12: POV Jameson: Scene- Three clubs are meeting to discuss Jefferson Quinn taking over the Chaos Kings and Luke helping him. 


“The fuck are the Death Raiders doing here?” Thomas, one of my men, grumbled, leaning back in his seat as if he were ready to get the hell out of dodge. His glare was fixed on the approaching group, as ten Death Raiders pulled to a stop, completing our half circle of bikes. The moon was pale and heavy in the sky, the December air was cold against our faces but manageable with our riding leathers.

My gaze narrowed on the lead bike, knowing it was Silas and feeling agitated over seeing him. Our last encounter was still a flicker in the back of my mind. While I had hoped to piss him off, he’d ended up getting under my skin. So much so that I had to resist trying to taunt him into a fight just so I could throw my fist into his face. 

“Silas, you’re late.” Killian spoke into the clearing after all the bikes shut off.

I lifted my chin toward Killian and Wes. “Care to explain what the hell is going on?”

Silas laughed, shaking his head. Out here in the dark, his eyes caught the glare of the moon, making them look unnatural…as if he’d just slipped up through a shadow and was only here to reap souls.

“Of course the Chaos Kings wouldn’t know what was going on, your club is nothing but fucking anarchy right now.”

I bristled at the implication, regardless of how true it was, and for the sake of my men who were seething behind me, I bit out a cold reply. 

“Anarchy can still fuck you up and put a bullet in your head, so mind your mother fucking tongue.”

“Enough.” Killian broke into the fray, leaving his bike to stand next to it. Silas did the same, so I followed suit.

“This isn’t the Death Raiders fight,” I said straight away because I knew my men were thinking it.

Silas glared at me, his hair was slicked up and to the side. Fucker looked like a pretty boy you’d see on some classic magazine about motorcycles. He didn’t look like he fit into this life.

“A member of your club was found right outside of the perimeter of the Stone Riders property line a few days ago, which means they’re scouting.”

He’d already shared that little piece of information, it wasn’t new.

“Still don’t see how that involves the Death Raiders?” I glared at Silas then Killian.

Silas tilted his face the slightest bit, almost as if he was reconsidering what he was about to say. 

“I was the one who showed up to ensure they no longer had the ability to spy.” 

“And why exactly were you there?” I asked pointedly, not giving a single fuck as to what his play was here. 

Killian stepped in and directed the attention back to the issue at hand.

“We need the help of the Death Raiders to lure Jefferson and Luke out. I want to send a message to them, and to do that we need to work together. Silas has more patrols running right now than any of our clubs do. If he sees anything, he’ll report it.”

I had a feeling that meant Silas was going to be around the Stone Riders property more often. I directed my question back to Killian. “What else does that give him license to do?” 

I didn’t miss the smirk ghosting across Silas’s mouth before his cold voice cut through the air.

“It gives me license to do whatever I think needs to be done.”

I cut a quick glance to Wes, then Killian. “So that means he might be showing up on Stone Rider property?”

Killian’s jaw clenched before his eyes found the ground. Just as I thought. I had heard of how Silas had used Killian’s old lady, Laura, as a means to send a message to Killian. Presumably after I had met with Natty. My hour-long coffee date with the blonde apparently threw the leader into such a fucking tantrum, he held Laura at gun point. It was still rather fresh from what I understood. Regardless of the man’s intentions, something told me Laura wouldn’t like seeing Silas around.

Just as I suspected, Silas glanced briefly at Killian who was already shaking his head.

“If he’s out of sight…but he won’t ever be anywhere that will cause alarm or fear for other members.”

Good. I didn’t want him near Penelope either. 

“I had another reason for why I came tonight,” Silas muttered solemnly, staring at his boots. In the dark I couldn’t see them, but I noticed how he kicked at the solid dirt around the bike. The cold had nearly frozen everything. 

We all waited, our breaths frosting the air. 

“Found out Jefferson took a meeting with someone recently.”

Killian’s brows furrowed before he glanced at Wes, then back at Silas. I checked Giles’s expression and saw him looking at both men as well. It angered me that he was acting vice president and yet it was Wes who was consistently next to Killian. 

“You get a name?”

“Yeah.” Silas scratched his neck. “Your pops ever talk about a man named Fable?”

Killian seemed to freeze in place, with his eyes blown wide. There were a few muttered curses from the Stone Riders’ old timers, along with one of my own. 

My eyes bounced between his and Silas, until finally Killian let out a small huff of air.

“A different kind of devil, one that doesn’t reap souls, but destroys them…” Killian muttered, almost to himself, while staring at the ground. 

Shit, I knew that tale…I knew about the man they said had been named after fear, by his own parents…but his name was in a different language, so here in the states, he had adopted a nickname.


Silas looked resigned, his jaw tensed, but his expression was distant, as if he didn’t want to be present for this conversation.

“Yes…that’s him. His real name is Timothy…or as his biblical name states, Timor...”

Kilian’s eyes narrowed.

“You seem to know a lot about him.”

Silas dropped his hands, as if he’d been defeated. “I’ve only met him a few times, but my mother ensured I knew everything about my father, seeing as one day it’ll be me that puts a bullet in his brain.”

My men whispered to one another behind me. I saw the Stone Riders talk as well, but the Death Raiders were silent, still and stoic.

Silas stepped back, his fists clenched tight before he responded to Killian. “Our fathers were friends long ago and I suspect remained as such. Jefferson has found where my father had slunk off to and brought him back to Virginia. Jefferson was worrisome on his own, but the two of them together…” He shook his head, looking overwhelmed. “They have even older loyalties to tap into…dead and buried allegiances we assumed would never resurface.”

“Fuck,” Wes muttered with a harsh rasp.  

Killian’s expression seemed to display the same sentiment.

“I heard he led his own club…Destroyers or something like that?” Giles offered from his spot, his arms crossed and chin gesturing up toward the group.

Silas glared but didn’t reply. But he needed to, because if his dad was leading a club, and Jefferson was in control of the Chaos Kings that had defected…then fuck. We were in trouble. 

“We need to try and pull Luke out, see if we can use him to lure the other two somewhere,” Silas suddenly suggested, his eyes flew to me with a lift of his chin. “Your woman, Penelope, she’s carrying his kid, right?”

My fists opened and closed, desperate to break his jaw. I fucking hated hearing her name on his lips.

“We’re not using her.”

“If it’s to draw him out then we have to consi—” Silas started, but I cut him off.

“Would you? If it was her…would you?” He knew who I was talking about. Out of respect, I wouldn’t say Natty’s name in front of all these members, but he knew. So did Killian and Wes.

Silas narrowed his lethal gaze on me. If looks could kill, I’d be dead where I stood.

The silence grew, so I added quietly, “You aren’t the only one with people to protect. She isn’t a pawn.”

“We can draw him out with you, Jameson. Luke was your second in command—if things are going poorly with Jefferson, perhaps he’ll want to reconcile with you,” Killian suggested and it eased the tension in my chest.

“Fine. I’ll connect with the members who still have ties to the ones who stayed behind and see if I can start a rumor that I’ve been wanting to get back in touch with him.”

Silas gave a slight nod before turning back to his bike.

Killian glanced at me, then Wes. “We doing anything about Fable coming into the picture?”

Silas straddled his bike. “Watch your loved ones…pull ‘em close, speaking of…” He glanced at his phone briskly, then his watch, which was a smart watch of some variation. “We need to go.”

Chapter 23: POV Jameson: Scene- Dinner at Wes and Callie’s house- Silas crashes the dinner.


I had gone upstairs, helping Pen with the stairs while being trailed by the massive horse Wes and Callie kept as a pet, but once I had returned to the main floor, I paused mid-step.

Silas was standing next to the front door, still in his riding leathers and colors. His eyes looked…fucking frantic.

“What happened?” I asked, seeing that Killian was watching him like a hawk and Wes wouldn’t let him pass.

Silas slid a shaky hand through his hair. “I need visual confirmation that she’s okay. Right the fuck now.”

Killian shook his head, clenching his jaw.

Wes did the same. “You’re not running upstairs where my pregnant wife is, you’ll stay here and when they’re finished, you’ll see her.”

“And you’re not getting near Laura,” Killian added. 

Silas was shaking, his eyes kept moving up to the top of the stairs.

“I just saw her, Silas.” I attempted to help, but it didn’t seem to matter because he stepped forward and then yelled at the top of his lungs. 


I winced at how loud it echoed. Max began barking from upstairs. Wes walked toward Silas, telling him to get the fuck out, when there was suddenly someone running down the stairs. I assumed it was Max, but it was Natty who barreled past me. Her eyes were wild, her hair flying behind her.

“Silas, get the fuck out, now!” Wes pulled a black handgun from a side drawer near the entry, but Natty ran past me, Killian and even Wes and threw herself at Silas.

He caught her, his hand came to her hair in a soothing fashion, his eyes were desolate. A dark beast who’d been deprived of sunlight and air, only to finally be released into the wild.

He was murmuring something into her ear in another language. She was saying something back in a similar fashion…

Killian moved next to me, then Wes, hand going slack, the gun still gripped but pointing at the ground. 

“Was that Latin?” Killian whispered, and I merely shook my head because I had no fucking clue.

The women all began filtering back downstairs, quietly and cautiously. Callie had her palm on Max’s head, who seemed to want to jump forward but remained at her side. 

Silas had pulled Natty back the smallest bit, to where he was holding her face with both hands. I could see tears sliding down her cheeks. The two were still whispering in their language, and then Silas pulled her into another hug. Finally, his gaze cut to us. His wince spoke volumes, as if we were never meant to witness this.

His only weakness.

Silas began pulling away again, but Natty tried to grab him again, to hold on, but he pushed her away, shaking his head. I saw tears fall from his lashes, and the devastation there did something to me.

“Non possum,” Silas rasped, turning away from her. 

Natty stood there trembling. “Yes, you can.”

His head dipped, but he was out the door in seconds. Natty brought her hand to her mouth, as if she were trying to pull all of her emotions back into herself. She spun away from the entry and darted for the guest bathroom. 

Killian, Wes and I all moved outside, going after Silas while the women all went after Natty. 

“The fuck was that?” Wes yelled, jogging down his steps.

Silas was pushing a hand through his hair, blowing out a ragged breath.

Once we were all close enough, he held up a photo of Natty working at the bakery.

“This was nailed to my door this evening—where I live. Where no one, not even my mother, knows the address.”

“We know who it’s from?” Killian asked, his eyes narrowing on the photo.

We all seemed to notice it at the same time, the small story book, dripping with blood stamped into the center of the image.

“Fable,” Silas muttered.

“Your father is going after her?” I asked, tucking      my hands under my armpits, trying not to shiver from the cold. Should have grabbed my coat. 

Kilian scoffed. “Mine went after Laura.”

“I can’t risk losing her.” Silas sounded pained as he confessed it.


Chapter 30: POV Penelope: Scene- Natty gets a phone call- all hell breaks loose- this is the last time Natty is seen.

Natty’s phone suddenly rang, and when she answered, we heard someone screaming from the other line.

“I can’t underst—” Her brows pulled in tight as her eyes searched the air. “Silas, what?”

The floor began to shake, then a shudder was followed by a massive boom from outside. Natty dropped her phone as she fell to the side, and I pulled my arms over my head. Plates fell and crashed to Natty’s kitchen floor, glasses went next, and dust began falling from the ceiling.

There was another boom from a different direction, closer to where Laura’s apartment sat. Laura pulled Callie’s hand, helping her get on the floor, and then they crawled under Natty’s coffee table, but I had gotten to my feet and began running toward the door with Natty on my heels.

“Pen, wait!” Natty screamed, but I had to get to Connor.

The hall shuddered and shook as another boom sounded from outside. The explosion had the pictures falling from the walls, and dust from the beams shifting, filling the air. I jumped over a piece of ceiling that fell, and then took the stairs, running down them as fast as I could without getting hurt. Natty was still right behind me.

“I have to get to Connor,” I screamed, covering my mouth and nose with my sleeve.

Killian burst through what was left of the front door, sliding over all the debris that fell.

“Where’s Laura?” His frantic gaze nearly robbed me of breath.

I pointed up. “Safe with Callie in Natty’s room.”

I rushed past him, aiming for the kitchen, when Jameson burst through the back door, his chest heaving.


Chapter 33: Pov Penelope: Scene- the last chapter of the book- the stone riders defeated Jefferson Quinn and Luke Holloway- but now the dust has settled and something is wrong.

I had stuck close to the kitchen, helping with fixing all the broken glass and whatever else I could in-between nursing and changing Connor. Near midnight, Silas walked into the club looking like death himself, there to claim a soul. 

Killian stood and went to intercept the Death Raider. “Silas, thank you for coming today. You saved us.”

Silas took Killian’s outstretched hand and shook it. “I told you I’d come back for what’s mine someday. I’m here to collect.”

His…did that mean Natty?

Where was she?

Silas began searching the room like I started to. In all the chaos, I realized she had never reappeared. I had assumed Silas had taken her to safety.

“Where the fuck is she?” Silas asked, his eyes growing frantic. They landed on me, and my face became as white as a ghost.

We stared at one another, my lip began to tremble because if she hadn’t been with him or put somewhere safe. Then…where the hell was she?

“Tell me you know,” Silas rasped, his voice shuddering. His eyes panicked and wild.

A tear slid free as I shook my head.

Killian glanced at me, then Silas.

I thought back to what Tuck had said about Fable. Oh god.

“Silas,” I choked, walking toward him, “Tuck…he said Fable was here today. Miles asked where, but Tuck just said he was around…what if he…”

I couldn’t say it. 

I couldn’t breathe.

Silas froze, his face went slack…his features ghostly white. With a choked sound, he stumbled back outside into the dark.

I followed, unsure of how I could help but desperately wanting to. I watched as he slowly sank to his knees, hitting the gravel. His fingers speared through the loose rocks, gripping them tightly.

I heard him muttering something in that language he spoke with Natty. Maybe a prayer, or a promise. 

Then in English, he whispered. “Caelum.”

Jameson was suddenly behind me, braced against his crutches. Killian and Laura were there too, watching as the fallen reaper remained in the dirt. 

“What do we do, Silas?” I rasped as terror gripped my heart. 

The Death Raider slowly got to his feet, swiping at his eyes and then leveled us all with a solemn glare.



Chapter 34: POV Jameson: Scene- 6 Weeks after the last chapter- this will be important for book 4. Giles is gone, and Jameson is staying. 


“I don’t know how I feel about this…it just feels like it’s too much.” Giles wavered, thrusting his hand into his hair.

Killian smiled, but it was sad. “I failed you, Giles. You’re an amazing vice president, but I think no matter how much Wes says he’s out, he just never really will be.”

Wes ducked his face, twirling his ring around his finger. We gave him a few seconds to gather himself, and then he agreed.

“I never wanted to be president…but this club, it’s in my blood. Seeing my father-in-law come to aid us while he’s sick…” Wes shook his head. “I’m not leaving the club. We’re family to the end.”

“That extends to you, Giles,” Killian said.

My cousin glanced up at me, worry feathering his brow. “Jameson…this was yours and your dad’s.”

“Which is exactly why I want you to step in and take it. Keep it in the family. You’re a King, Giles. It’s perfect. Brick will be a great vice president.” I glanced over at Brick who nodded at Giles.

“I’m ready to serve, we can rebuild this and make it great.”

Killian added, “we’re here as your allies for as long as you’ll have us.”

Giles nodded and blew out a breath, finally sliding his leather cut over his chest. The president patch freshly sewn in. He’d be heading back to Richland to take over with Brick at his side, and his recently appointed old lady, Sadie.

Wesley’s cut had a new vice president patch in place, and my cut…it was going to be new for me, but it was my choice. Something I wanted.

We bid our goodbyes to Brick and Giles as they started out on the road, then walked back toward the club.

Killian patted my back and smirked.

“How does it feel to wear our colors?”

The cut felt the same as my old one did. “I think being a Stone Rider is going to be a lot less work.”

Wes laughed. “Oh, you think so?”

I smirked, straddling my bike as the two of them continued in toward the club. “I hope so. I’m ready for easy.”

They agreed, nodding as I took off.

The road led back into town, until I was pulling into a familiar neighborhood. Bill, the guard, gave me a quick salute as he opened the gate and my bike rumbled down the manicured street.

I always garnered looks from our neighbors as I rode down the lane on my bike, wearing my cut. I smiled, and even waved at a few of the khaki-wearing folks gawking.

Then I pulled into my drive and my heart seemed to settle as I parked and took off my bucket helmet.

Over on the swing, under the willow tree was my wife, holding our son in her lap as she gently swung. Her eyes lifted as I walked toward her.

She smiled and my world felt right.

The closer I got, she suddenly stood from the swing and placed Connor up against her shoulder. She tucked her midnight hair behind her ears, and then I was in front of her, taking Connor from her.


“Hi.” I grinned as I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.

We walked back to the house, Connor’s tiny fingers moving over my patches, over the raven I had placed on my patch, and then the wildflower I had sewn into it.

“The club?” Pen asked, staring at the ground as we walked.

My free hand found hers as I pulled her into the house.

“Belongs to Giles now. I’m officially a Stone Rider.”

Her smile was infectious as her hands found my jaw, her fingers tracing my lips.

“You’re mine, Jameson King. Always and forever, you’re mine and I’m yours.”

I leaned in to kiss her. “Sounds perfect to me.”

“Ready to start our lives, Mrs. King.” I shut our door and followed my wife up the stairs.

Penny breathed, “Yes.”

Our eyes locked. “Promise?”

Her smile vanished as our mouths connected and we got lost to our lust. When we finally broke apart, she stared up into my eyes and whispered. 








Darkness consumed the air when I opened my eyes and it continued to trail me when I closed them.

I had no idea how much time had passed. I wasn’t injured, just cold and disoriented.

Feeling below me was smooth cement. Which meant I was in some sort of building.

The wall behind me was solid, made of drywall if the echo was any indication.

There were water bottles, full and sealed—lined up against the wall.


I drank, only halfway, then knocked along the wall until I found the stud and set the half-empty water bottle against the spot and repeated the process.

The room, so far from the studs I’d placed was twelve feet long. I still had a way to go on the other side, but it seemed like a standard garage, and with-it being drywall, I knew the softest places to kick. The lid of my water bottle took six seconds to hit the floor after I tossed it up in the air and heard it cling against the metal beams, which meant the room was smaller. 

I didn’t know who took me, but it seemed they assumed that I was helpless, and that the darkness would break me.

But the dark didn’t scare me, and I was far from helpless. This was merely a form of muscle memory.

 I was raised by reapers, and during my time, I learned not to fear the devil.

No, instead I fell in love with him.

A smile graced my lips as I drank another water bottle and moved it to another stud.

Whoever was keeping me here was taking too long; at this rate, I’d be free in a manner of hours. 



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