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Finding Home Series

Book One:


Tropes: Single Dad- Motorcycle Club Romance

Spice Level: 2 Chili Peppers- Slow Burn until the end, at which point there is an explicit scene

Trigger Warnings: References to maternal parent battling cancer,  kidnapping, and being held hostage- during which violent tactics are used in somewhat graphic detail to hurt the hostage. Flashbacks to the trauma of being hurt in captivity- references to drug-induced behavior. *The overall theme of this book is lighter, it is not considered a dark book- while there are instances of kidnapping, it's not dark or grotesque- there is no non-consensual sex or other woman drama in this book. 

Book Two:


Tropes: Second Chance- Small Town- Stalker Suspense

Spice Level: 2 Chili Peppers

Trigger Warnings: Flashbacks to a violent occurrence where the heroine is nearly choked to death by a stalker, violent images of abduction, and death of the stalker. Panic Attacks caused by severe PTSD.

Series Info:

Dual Pov

Not yet in Audio

Happy Ending's

No Cliffhangers

Completed Duology

Interconnected- Worlds connect but follow separate couples 

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