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eBook & Paperback Formatting

All packages include Mobi files, epub, kobo, apple books, nook, PDF for paperback, and more if needed, just ask about it.

All services include ebook approval being sent directly to your kindle-so please ensure @gmail is an approved sender.





Basic Package $40 

  • Any length 

  • Standard Fonts/ Styles (No custom headers or text) 

  • Up to five linked books of yours in front or back matter 

  • Up to five linked social media accounts 

  • Optional- One full-page image 

  • All Files will get final approval, if changes are needed post finalization- a fee of $10 dollars will be charged.  

  • Ebook and Paperback will be formatted the same style.

* If you're looking to just update your backlinks in a currently published book- I will discount the service down to $25 dollars as long as we’re only updating the ebook.


Deluxe Package $60 dollars 

  • 20- 80k words- Everything from Basic Package is included.

  • Custom chapter headers ( I can design with up to three variations, but you can provide your own file if you'd prefer.) 

  • Up to three chapters customized text (notes, text exchanges, etc.)

  • Up to ten linked books in front or back matter 

  • Up to ten linked social media accounts 

  • Up to ten Spotify songs linked as a playlist ( if desired) 

  • Up to three full-page images 

  • Up to two revisions included for free post finalization.

  • Varying paperback and ebook option (ebook standard with customized headers for the paperback.)

Premium Package $80 dollars 

  • 80- 150k words- Everything from the previous two packages included.

  • Unlimited customized text for inner chapters (notes, letters, text exchanges, etc.) 

  • Unlimited full image add-ins 

  • Customized ornamental breaks 

  • Up to 25 songs linked through Spotify 

  • Unlimited Social Media Links 

  • Unlimited Book Links for front or back matter 

  • Up to four revisions allowed post finalization.


To get scheduled or for any questions email Ashley at

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