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Hello world! It's been a little over a month since I've updated this blog. ( Insert wincing face here) I promise to do better. I would really like to be more punctual with news and what not.

So things with Glimmer are going well.... I mean, it's out there in the universe and people are reading it, so I guess that's great. Right? PS- If you've read Glimmer but haven't reviewed yet: Please do! Reviews are kind indie authors bread and butter. I mean, I'm sure they're every author's bread and butter but since I don't have a fancy publisher paying me, regardless of reviews; I feel like I need that bread and butter a bit more. Anyway, moving on... please leave a review if you haven't already.

I am considering putting together an order form for specialized signed paperbacks for Glimmer. More to come along those lines soon.

The big news today revolves around my next book: Fade. It's coming this spring and you should be excited because it's Laney and Jackson's story. I'm working diligently to be sure to honor every aspect of their story. Teasers, blurbs, all sorts of fun things will be coming your way soon- so make sure you're following me on all social media platforms. Make sure you've added Fade to your TBR list on goodreads, so you know when it's available.

I have a few group takeovers coming this week and the first of November. There will be giveaways and what not associated with them, so be sure to check my reader group or Facebook pages for info.

I don't have much more information to share with you other than that. I'd love to hear from you if you enjoyed Glimmer- please be sure to join my reader group: Ashley's Book Beauties on Facebook.

As far as personal stuff: I always assume people don't really want to hear this part of my life. (insert awkward laugh here) ... But, just in case some of you do, I will include a bit about what's going on here. My husband is a creative genius with a thing for projects. So, we're currently planning and designing a tiny home to sit on the back part of our property. We're super excited about it, not sure what exactly it will be. Maybe just a guest house, an office, or eventually an Airbnb... but for now, it'll just be there. We are also in the process of painting our kitchen and doing smallish projects around the house.

We've had some really stupid stuff happen to us with our business banking, someone cleaned out our accounts and the bank we use, takes about a million days to dispute, and correct it, so we're in the middle of getting everything corrected. But because our business in mostly book stuff, it's put a damper on things for me. Plus it just feels gross to have someone steal from you.

That's about all for me, other than that stuff, I'm just mom-ing it with four kids and wife-ing it with Jose. So, yeah. Thanks for reading.

Thanks world (insert blowing kisses to you here)