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Real Life, Books and Updates ...

I have decided to actually utilize this blog section of my website, for real blogging. It's something I used to do often and loved. Then I lost my dad and all my blogging surrounded the grief that was drowning me. After I processed for about a year, I just stopped blogging and stopped writing all together. Somehow I eventually started writing again but it was fictional characters and thus, Glimmer was born.

So back to this real life, books n things idea:

I don't feel like a published author. Probably because I did it myself..right? The entire industry has changed to where, we can now just make our own dreams come true. But honestly, I still do everything the same. I don't have some influx of money in my bank account. I obsess over my notifications now on my phone, so that sucks. I refresh my goodreads page way too often. No, seriously...I half worry that I will get an email one of these days demanding I either lay off or pay them some freaking money.

Real life continues on, things progress. I'm still a mother to four kids, each in a very different stage of life. So, its not as easy as just putting on Netflix and try to get some writing in. No, I have a middle schooler, a fifth grader, a first grader and an almost two year old. My middle-schooler likes to talk. Which I LOVE, don't get me wrong but I have three little women, who like to talk and emotionally process just like their mother. I laugh sometimes at the irony that God put in my life when he gave me those girls.

Books feel a little different. I feel like if I don't like a book, I can't review it. In fact, now I don't really want to. Honestly...I don't. I feel like everyone should give, every book a shot and if they don't like it, then oh well. Move on. No need for negative reviews and garbage stuff. A year ago, I was the person saying, "leave all the reviews and make them honest!" Now I'm not because I know how hard these authors work. I know how devastating it is to get a negative review and how much sway those reviews have. People will hunt out the bad reviews to justify not buying a book ( Insert rolling eyes emoji here) -- they do, its true and they read some really horrible things that were left as a review for your book that you poured hours and hours and months and even years into.

As far as book updates go- Fade the companion novel to Glimmer is done. It's currently in the hands of my alpha beta (aka- my ruthless sister) she'll shoot straight with me, so you're welcome. I'm hoping to have it finished by Spring 2019- in fact, I've already emailed a cover designer with a future dated appointment request. She might have just laughed and ignored my email, but maybe not, maybe I will hear back and she'll get me in. If not, that's cool too. I have decided to try a different cover designer this next go around with Fade. I'm' keeping my editor and clinging to her for dear life but I am looking to build up my review and street team. So if you are interested in being on my team please DM me on some form of social media and make sure you join my reader group Ashley's Aces.

That's all for me! Have fun and read!