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ARC's and the Art of Surviving Self Publishing

Today was formatting day!!! Which means that all ARCs or Advanced Reader Copies are ready to be sent out. I thought this day would never come. It sat marked, circled, underlined and even highlighted on my calendar, and still, I doubted it.

An ARC is essential for an author because it provides us with reviews right out off the bat when our book finally goes live on Kindle and all other platforms. Reviews are the LIFEBLOOD for authors, whether you're self-published or traditional. Reviews make the book world go round.

With all that said, I thought I would take a second to commemorate this day because it is quite significant. You see, when I started this journey, over a year ago, I didn't actually picture myself getting here. It wasn't until I wrote, "The End," in January that I actually started seeing this as a possibility.

I don't expect that many would understand the process of self-publishing a book unless you, of course, have done it. In which case, I raise my hand to the sky, with three fingers raised in the hunger games salute. The road to get here wasn't even remotely easy, and like most things in life, I chose the most difficult course to take.

Reading, re-reading, getting constructive feedback and more constructive feedback- its crucial to the process and the ultimate end goal but its hard. Really freaking hard.

There wasn't any blood involved, but there were undoubtedly tears and on some warmer occasions; sweat. I poured my heart and soul into this project, and it still may not do as well as I hope it will. That's just the risk that you take though when you self-publish.

I plan on putting out another post for anyone interested in the process of starting out in the indie community and how exactly to jump into the self-publishing pool ( hint* no one knows- everyone just jumps in and prays they survive) that post will be more informative and specific to the process but for now I just wanted to say, I made it.

One last thing before I close this: The Indie book community is truly one of the best communities that I have ever been a part of. Authors support each other, love each other and fight together. We know that this isn't an easy road to travel and all those who make it are warriors, branded by the fire of determination and seared by perseverance. So, to my fellow savages; thank you- I wish we all lived close to each other, so we could help each other cook, pick up kids, drink wine, and of course vent and vent and vent about how effing hard this whole process is. I love you guys; you have my respect and my love.