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A dead cat, a stolen seat, and a mouthy Irishman—that’s how this whole thing started. I thought I’d leave the red-headed stranger with dark green eyes behind and good freaking riddance. Except he’s not even close to being gone. Mason McConnell is everywhere, drawing me in, like an invisible thread. I just hope that the string doesn't snap and break my heart.


Two weeks was all I needed to go home, spread my cat’s ashes, and visit my brother. But one foolish decision at the airport managed to throw all my plans off track. Somehow, I had unknowingly cast the line, and Charlotte Kelley took the bait.
The chatty, prying American somehow had a way of bringing me back to life—the movement of her cherry red-stained lips and the voice spilling between them.

I didn’t want her under my skin, and I certainly wasn’t expecting her to make her way into my heart, but once she did, I didn’t want her to leave. Then, fate decided to step in once more, forcing me to harbor a secret I desperately didn’t want to keep.

Signed Paperback of What Are the Chances